About InnovationPulse

InnovationPulse® provides data-driven insights into new technologies, companies and innovation trends.

Its services include access to its web app for technology and competitive intelligence. This app draws on US Patent and Trademark Office data and other open data to produce data-driven and bot-crafted automated insights into innovation activities, making tech & competitive intelligence truly systematic. The app helps users make sense of large amounts of innovation data and also enables collaboration to develop more valuable intelligence.

InnovationPulse's bot twits its findings - follow it on Twitter: @innovationpulse. Other user-tailored insights based on user interests are available through the app's dashboard. Join InnovationPulse today, it's free.

InnovationPulse was founded by Luciano Kay, Ph.D. in 2014 and is based in Santa Barbara, CA. Luciano has over 15 years of experience investigating technological innovation and emerging technologies with leading academic institutions. (InnovationPulse, however, is an independent company not affiliated with any other institution).

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