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InnovationPulse® (beta) makes company, technology and industry research easier.
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Data-driven insights

Boost your research with real time, data-driven innovation insights produced by our research engine.

Diverse insights

Make better reports and R&D and strategic decisions based on metrics, tables, charts and content insights.

Time savings

Save precious time. Let our research engine get data, process it, and conduct a big part of the analysis for you.

Real time insights

Keep up to date on company, technology, and industry developments thanks to real time data and analysis.

No set-up required

Simply use a standard web browser and an Internet connection to access our cloud-hosted solution.

Wide coverage

Follow any company or technology. Our solution does not focus on any specific technology or industry.

Money savings

Get our Power User deal: very low pricing locked for one year, access exclusive insights, receive fanatical support.

Free to try

Try our beta software while we continue development and pay only when you are ready to become a Power User.

Start today

Choose your plan. Try for free. Enjoy all benefits with a Power User limited-time offer.




  • Beta software access
  • Exclusive industry insights
  • Email & phone expert support

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A mission-driven expert team

World-class talent

We are a small team with many years of world-class innovation research and software development experience.

An important mission

We strive to make innovation insights accessible to everyone and help level the competitive playing field.

Strong core values

We believe in transparency, research quality and a more democratic access to tools and data.


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